Graduation Ceremony 2017

[2017-05-31] The Graduation Ceremony for International Master’s programmes was held on Tuesday 30 May. 116 graduating students received their congratulatory scroll from Vice-Chancellor Hans Adolfsson in the annual ceremony.

Graduation Ceremony 2017 started with a welcoming note by Professor Gregory Neely, who was the moderator of ceremony, followed by music from sisters Eva and Lisa Lestander.

Vice-Chancellor Hans Adolfsson in his graduation address congratulated the students and urged them to utilize the education and expertise and implement it in everyday life and to stand for the scientific method.

Sarah Mohammedi, Umeå University alumna
Keynote speaker Sarah Mohammedi, Umeå University alumna. Photo: Mattias Pettersson

Sarah Mohammedi, alumna from the Master’s Programme in Management, and currently CEO, Country director, of AIESEC Iceland, was chosen to speak as a returning alumna. She addressed the students reflecting on her own time as a student and how Umeå University has helped her grow into the person she is. She also urged the graduating students to have a plan, but to anticipate that plans do not work out and to always be prepared to continue in the general direction regardless.

The City Manager of Umeå Jonas Jonsson was congratulatory as well, and wished the students success in their coming endeavours and that they always look at their time in Umeå with fondness.

The ceremony ended with final song from the Lestander sisters followed by a mingle and photo session.

“We’re glad to have been able to organize this event and be a part of an important day for all students, where we get a chance to appreciate the students’ achievements during their time here,” says Jessica Bergström Grahn from the International Office.

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Photos from Graduation Ceremony

Below are some photos from the Graduation Ceremony 2017. Take a look at all the photos by following the link. Photographer: Mattias Pettersson.

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Graduation Ceremony 2017
Graduating students at the Graduation Ceremony in Aula Nordica on 30 May 2017. Photo: Mattias Pettersson
Royasia Viki Ramadani
Royasia Viki Ramadani is graduating from the Master's Programme in Public Health with specialisation in Health Economics. Photo: Mattias Pettersson
Jon Spruyt
Jon Spruyt is graduating from the Master's Programme in Human-Computer Interaction and Social Media. Photo: Mattias Pettersson

Text: Wasif Ali

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