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[2018-04-30] Due to the recent murder suspected by the police to have taken place in a student room in Ålidhem, Umeå University has taken a number of measures. During the initial stages, focus has been directed towards the most closely affected students that reside at the address. At the present time, further efforts are being implemented.

"This is a very tragic event, and of course our thoughts go to the victim and his/her family. During the weekend, we have primarily focused on taking care of those individuals that are most closely affected by the incident. We are now reaching outward in a broader sense to those students that may have known the victim, and others who feel worried because of the situation,” says Hans Adolfsson, Vice-Chancellor at Umeå University.

During the weekend, Umeå University has worked primarily to take care of those individuals who were in the actual student corridor and at the residence where the crime occurred. The international students at the address have received first support and have also been given another accommodation. An effort was initiated to identify those who reside at the address and contact them to offer support. Due to the fact that many have been away on travel for the weekend, the efforts are ongoing.

From today, Monday, all students that are in need of therapeutic counselling or support due to the occurrence are welcome to contact the Student Health Service, regardless of any contact to the suspected victim.

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