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Body and brain timing can be trained

Good timing is vital in many situations of daily life, but is rarely something we consider. In a new dissertation from Umeå University, Olympia Karampela shows that our ability for timing is something that can be trained and it seems to be connected with our cognitive capacity.

Umeå University gets top marks once again from international students

The results of the 2016 International Student Barometer (ISB) are evident – yet again Umeå University receives top marks by international students. ISB is a survey measuring student satisfaction regarding studies and everyday life at the University and in the city they live. 

What to learn from a failed (?) Swedish tax compliance project

Governments and tax agencies want to collect the correct amount of taxes in a timely and efficient manner. But what is the best way for tax agencies to work with large multinational corporations? Can collaboration between tax agencies and corporations increase tax compliance? Researchers from the Ho...

Codes of ethics cause problems for overseas operations

Corporate codes of ethics can have reverse effects and mask anomalies or social evils in operations outsourced to low-wage countries. This according to Maira Babri at Umeå University in a study of Swedish corporate codes of ethics contra Chinese suppliers’ attitudes.

Christians less stressed than others during Christmas holidays

Christmas is meant to be a joyous celebration, but on the contrary, people are experiencing on average a decrease in life satisfaction and emotional well-being than at other times during the year. However, Christians, particularly those with a high degree of religiousness, are an exception to this p...

SEK 33 million to young researchers

The Swedish Research Council has decided which prominent young researchers should be granted consolidation grants. The Council has approved twenty grants of which three go to Umeå University.

Arctic theme shows our expertise and breadth

In 2017, Umeå University will focus particularly on Arctic research. The objective is to emphasise Umeå University’s profile as a leading Swedish university for the Arctic, and create conditions for even more important research projects. “We want to place Umeå on the map when it comes to Arctic re...

New Research Council grants worth SEK 152 million

The Swedish Research Council distributes SEK 152 million to 42 research projects at Umeå University in the arts and humanities, social sciences, medicine and health, natural sciences and technology, as well as educational science.

Umeå researchers call for stricter measures to reach climate targets

On Friday 4 November, the global climate deal from Paris in 2015 comes into effect. On the same day, 94 of 197 parties have ratified the legally binding Paris Agreement that obliges them to contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and to stabilise the average global temperature under 2 ...

Swedes are healthier and happier than southern Europeans

Women in Europe more often suffer from headaches and depressions than European men. Swedes are in general rather pleased about their health. Although, the healthiest are the Irish and the Swiss. This according to a new European study on citizens’ impressions on their physical and mental health.

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