Elderly migrants' living conditions and life strategies in Sweden

The project examines through qualitative and quantitative studies the living conditions, life strategies and experiences of ageing among elderly migrants in Sweden, in order to gain more knowledge of social exclusion in relation to migration backgrounds and transnational relations.

Migration and ageing involve great changes in people’s lives. As migration often creates stress in the individual elderly migrants can potentially experience a higher degree of cumulative disadvantages and social exclusion in old age.

Our main research questions are therefore:

• What are the variations over time and between groups in patterns
of social exclusion of elderly migrants?
• What are their strategies to counter processes of social
• How do elderly migrants with different migration histories and
social networks experience their living conditions and ageing?

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Title of Project

Social exclusion or "successful" ageing? Living conditions and life strategies of elderly immigrants in Sweden

Project Period

01/01/2016 - 12/31/2018

Subject areas

Human geography

Head of research

Cecilia Gustafsson, Department of Social and Economic Geography

Page Editor: Eva Stoianov

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