Evenemangstyp: Workshop

December 2017

5 december kl 13.00–15.30

Speaking to the crowds: Techniques for presenting your research

Workshop Being able to succintly and successfully explain your research to others so that they understand is a valuable skill. Being able to do so in under three minutes is most certainly a challenge. This workshop offers you tips and techniques for you to effectively communicate your work.

12 december kl 13.00–15.30

Eating the elephant one bite at a time: Some tips for writing the first article

Workshop Writing an article can feel quite daunting. This workshop helps you make this task more manageable by considering some key questions: Which types of articles can be written our of your thesis? How to find a 'right' journal for publishing? What happens to the article once it is submitted? How to respond to reviewer comments?

Sidansvarig: Eva Stoianov


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